About Us

Mission of SADBA:

  • Developing volunteers – bringing (young) people to be able to help young people in need (minority groups, children without family background, children and youngsters in developing countries ...) by meaningful spending of leisure time with them and their spiritual education.
  • Help for developing countries.
  • To implement Salesian prevention educational system and oratory criteria in every-day work with youth
  • To enable the young people meet and get to know other young Christians and encourage their involvement in church and Salesian work in this way.


  • NGO recognised by the Czech government
  • Salesian platform – associates the Czech Salesian youth centres (appr. 13) together with the Salesian province Prague
  • New organisation (founded July 2005)
  • Motivation for foundation – few years back we wanted to start a more professional training program for volunteers, but we realised that to be allowed to do this, we have to be formally registered by the government – first we registered the Salesian Province in Prague officially as the organisation that is giving training for the volunteers, but still we were searching for another legal form that would cover (co-ordinate) the Salesian activities exceeding the youth centres, the activities on the national level – and at the same time an organisation that would be an official partner on the international level.